This Podcast is dedicated to up and coming creative professionals – sharing stories from practicing professional artists and creative geniuses from around the world.

  Episode 50: Virgil Elliot

Virgil Elliott knows traditional oil painting, in fact, he wrote the book on it! It was a few years ago that I stumbled upon his book “Traditional Oil Painting” and read through, I quickly realised that there were many things I didn’t know about my own profession; in fact there were many things I was doing in the studio that were causing irreversible harm to the paintings I had painstakingly crafted. Reading Virgil’s book, and then joining the private Facebook page by the same name, represented a paradigm shift in my work. Virgil’s teachings fundamentally changed the way I approach painting. In this conversation I wanted to revisit some of the themes we discussed way back in episode 2, when we spoke last, and pick up where we left off. This episode is one to keep coming back to: have a notebook handy! Here’s Virgil’s latest Instructional Video: https://painttube.tv/products/virgil-elliott-traditional-oil-painting-the-principles-of-visual-reality Here’s a link to the latest edtion of his book! https://www.echopointbooks.com/art/traditional-oil-painting

  Episode 49: TJ Cunningham 

TJ Cunningham paints some incredible images of rural America and the animals that inhabit the farmed landscape. His paintings are not only incredibly realistic, he paints in a variety of ways taking a rather experimental approach to oils. I wanted to hear about TJ’s approach to his creative practice, how he comes up with his images and how he developed his signature style. He didn’t hold back, and there were so many take-aways in this conversation. It was wonderful to hear his experiences with Galleries and clients; it was refreshing to hear we hold similar views! There were so many nuggets of wisdom dropped throughout the interview! Please check out his amazing art at www.cunninghamfineart.com and on instagram @cunninghamfineart

  Episode 48: Mark Maggiori 

Mark Maggiori has experienced a meteoric rise to success in the American art scene. Originally from France, with a background in film and music, he is a creative powerhouse making art about the west, scenes that could be in a classic western film. His paintings have a brilliant graphic quality to them with bright punchy colour and an unmistakable style. His works are collected internationally and he’s been featured in incredible shows and exhibitions winning awards like the prestigious Don B. Huntly “Spirit of the West” award in 2018 and 19 and the Sam Houston award for best painting in 2016. Now he’s absolutely killing it on social media and with online print sales. I wanted to ask him about his journey and his art as well as the business side of things! So much was packed into this episode! Follow Mark Maggiori on Instagram @markmaggiori and on his website www.markmaggiori.com (LANGUAGE WARNING – just a few strong words are in this episode.)

  Episode 47: Stephanie Paige  Thomson

Stephanie Paige Thomson creates some incredible artwork with such a beautiful painterly style. Works of her quality are seldom seen in artists so young. At 24 years of age, she is already achieving some outstanding career goals, like being exhibited alongside some of her artist heroes such as Quang Ho and CW Mundy. Her works are highly sought after, being collected by patrons from across the US. She has been featured in key juried and curated shows and events. I wanted to ask her about how she creates her amazing paintings, what are her techniques, but also, the inspiration behind the work including her early beginnings. It was also cool to hear her reflect on that time she painted Jamie Wyeth! What an awesome conversation… not to be missed! Please follow Stephanie Paige Thomson on Instagram: @stephaniepaigethomson and on her website www.stephaniepaigethomson.com

  Episode 46: Carla Grace

Carla Grace is a South Australian artist producing some amazing, detailed wildlife paintings. Her work is highly sought after by collectors worldwide. I’ve had Carla on the show a couple times already, and each interview she shares something new; strategies we can apply directly to our creative businesses. She also gave me the scoop on a brand new product she’s crafted with the collector always in front of mind. This was super inspiring! In addition to the art business side of things I wanted to ask how she balances parenthood with her creative passion. As a new father I’m beginning to know the struggle! I got a tonne out of this, and I know you will too! 

Please follow Carla Grace on Instagram @carla_grace_art and on her website www.carlagraceart.com

  Episode 45: Chris Fornataro

Chris Fornataro AKA Paint Coach is an inspiring artist and content creator based in Massachusetts in the United States. I’ve been watching his Youtube videos for a long while, following his online journey from just a few subscribers to now 200 thousand – no small feat! Chris has an interesting background and had previously explored a few disciplines. Early on, he was an aspiring college footballer, playing at a high level, simultaneously with a background in theater and a passion for painting, it would be hard to put a label on him. Turns out these different avenues have helped him excel on his creative journey. I wanted to ask about those early years where he was up and coming and how he found himself and became Paint Coach.

Follow his awesome work on instagram: @forza43 and on Youtube: https://youtu.be/fQOCDVufB0E

Check out “Will the Machine” https://youtu.be/5Ziuk7D71eo

  Episode 44: Jeff Hein

Jeff Hein is an incredibly talented artist based in the United States, creating some amazing portraits and Biblical figurative scenes. His works are highly sought after. His technical abilities are off the charts. I wanted to hear about how Jeff started his journey: in the early years he overcame some profound challenges. He triumphed in the face of adversity and ultimately reached an amazing level of success. Jeff doesn’t shy away from hard graft. The amount of work he’s put into his passion is stupendous and the discipline he’s developed is inspiring. Jeff is also engaged in some pretty serious side-projects! He now teaches and shares his techniques online.

Please follow Jeff on Instagram @jeff_hein_art and on his website www.jeffhein.com

  Episode 43: Tahlia Stanton

Tahlia Stanton is a vibrant professional artist from Victoria, Australia. At the young age of 22 she has already achieved some amazing career goals and a level of success many creatives only dream of. Tahlia has fully owned who she is as an artist and embraced her personality to such an extent where she is now unashamedly herself. This is ultimately what led her to MASSIVE success. In this podcast she shared some insights for how we can grow our creative businesses; “There’s never been a better time to be an artist.” She says…I agree! 

Please follow Tahlia Stanton on Instagram: @tahliastanton

Tahlia’s Website: https://www.tahliastanton.com

  Episode 42: Joe Paquet

Joe Paquet is an incredible Plein Air painter from New Jersey in the United States. His work is exquisite and he is up there with the best artists working outdoors, in my opinion. I wanted to do a deep dive into the craft of painting and pick Joe’s brain about the techniques he uses, but what I wasn’t prepared for, was the depth of conversation that we’d engage in. I loved hearing Joe’s story and what has shaped him as an artist over the years, from his humble beginnings to his experiences with galleries and teaching. It was great to hear another artist reflect on the state of the art world and social media. 

Please find Joe’s work here: www.joepaquet.com and he’s also on instagram: @paquetjoe

  Episode 41: Christopher Remmers

Christopher Remmers is an extraordinary artist from the Pacific Northwest, producing monumental narrative paintings exploring mythology as many of the great masters of the past did. His work is exceptionally well crafted with an attention to detail that is seldom seen. His practice and exploration into these themes take him into other dimensions, searching the depths of the mind and soul. This was a fascinating journey into what makes a creative powerhouse like Christopher tick and the inspiration and motivation necessary for sustaining and thriving as an artist. I wanted to pick his brain not only about his art, but about social media and the business side of creative life. This was AWESOME! I hope you enjoy the conversation!

Please follow Christopher Remmers on Instagram @christopherremmers and on his website: www.christopherremmers.com

  Episode 40: Thomas Fluharty

Thomas Fluharty is an internationally acclaimed artist and illustrator. His work has been featured on the covers of Der Spiegel, Newsweek and Mad Magazine and his art is highly sought after by private collectors worldwide. You may remember Thomas from earlier episodes of The Creative Endeavour. I just had to get him back on the podcast, not only to hear what he’s been up to over the last year, but to discuss an incredibly interesting book that ought to be on your radar: “The Billion Dollar Painter” by Eric Kuskey. This book focussed on the life of Thomas Kincade and as Fluharty puts it: “it’s a story from rags to riches to ruin.” We reflect on the incredible life and career trajectory of this often misunderstood artist and some of the lessons therin. This was a super inspiring chat, not to be missed!

Please follow Thomas Fluharty on his website: www.thomasfluharty.com and he’s also on Instagram @thomasfluharty

  Episode 39: Anthony Avon

Anthony Avon is a digital artist from Serbia. His creative journey didn’t get off to an easy start. Initially, Anthony struggled and felt like things were a bit hopeless and opportunities weren’t forthcoming in his homeland. Anthony received a break, a stranger out of the blue noticed Anthony’s situation and this led to an opportunity that would change his life forever. That was 11 years ago, now Anthony works full time as a digital painter/illustrator and recently celebrated receiving a massive gig with a household name company that featured his graphics. This conversation was an inspiring one, ultimately about triumph over struggle and being grateful in the present moment! You never know what’s around the corner!

 Please follow Anthony Avon here:Instagram: @Anthony.avon.art


  Episode 38: Samuel Earp

Samuel Earp hails from the Isle of Guernsey in the English channel. His art journey took a circuitous path towards painting full time. Samuel always looks for the edge and the next thing that will allow him to continue to create and thrive in a changing world. This quest for knowledge and diversification led him to Cryptocurrency and how the new digital monetary paradigm could help him as a creative. Samuel and I have been good friends for years, and he always inspires me to stay positive and keep growing. This is one of our typical conversations all about creativity and what is really going on in the world. Some topics discussed here verge on the conspiratorial and fringes of normal dialogue today but it’s good fun exploring these ideas! I hope you enjoy the latest episode, it’s great to be back! 

(DISCLAIMER: This podcast is for entertainment purposes only and in no way constitutes financial advice. Do your own research and make your own decisions there, we accept no responsibility or liability.)
Please Follow Samuel Earp here:

  Episode 37: Daniel Bilmes

Daniel Bilmes is a portrait artist based in LA in the United States. His work is unlike anything I’ve seen. He creates portraits in oils that look as though they’ve been stitched together like embroidery. How often can we say that there’s a unique approach to painting? Perhaps Daniel has found that unique form of expression? We not only talked about the technical side of painting, giving me an opportunity to geek out on some new colours and approaches, but we took a dive into Daniel’s past and learned about his origins, teaching at his father’s art school from the age of 15… This conversation even covered ground on the education system at large and how important early influences are.

Check out Daniel’s work on Instagram: @bilmesart and on his website! www.danielbilmes.com

  Episode 36: Jess Anderson

Jess Anderson is an inspired and incredibly talented artist living in the United States. He paints a wide variety of subjects in Oil and Acrylics. Jess approaches his career and creativity with an unmatched enthusiasm. He is a passionate and skilled teacher, sharing his knowledge of art, far and wide. One thing I wanted to explore with Jess, was his time teaching art in maximum-security prisons in the US. It was awesome to hear about the positive difference he made in the lives of many people, not just the inmates.

Check out Jess Anderson’s artwork on Instagram: @jess_anderson_artist

Make sure you visit his website! https://www.jessanderson.com/about

  Episode 35: Lloyd Lewis

Lloyd Lewis is an artist based in the United Kingdom. He creates beautiful portraits in his signature style with chunky bold brushwork and a well-considered palette. His paintings evoke a Lucian Freud quality, and his drawings have a freshness and vibrancy to them that is exceptional. Not only is Lloyd an accomplished full-time artist, but he is also the 2-time world kickboxing champion! He’s had an incredible creative journey and has lived many lives! It was a great treat to talk with him and hear about his path and trajectory.

To see Lloyd’s work, please visit: https://lloydlewis92.wixsite.com/lloydlewisartist/ or on Instagram: @lloydlewisartist

  Episode 34: Deano Cook

Deano Cook is an extraordinarily talented dude living in Georgia in the United States. He’s a tattoo artist specialising in underwater imagery. In addition to this he also paints in an exquisite realist style and takes all of his own underwater reference. This puts him in direct contact with creatures that many of us go out of our way to avoid, like SHARKS! Deano is out there living it and doing it, he approaches his dreams and goals with an intensity seldom seen. His success did not come easy however, he’s been through his fair share of trails and failures. This is ultimately a story of overcoming and flourishing. Deano is an inspired guy; you’ll love this episode!

Deano Cook’s Instagram page: @deanocook

Deano Cook Website: https://deanostudios.com

Sink or Swim Studio: http://sinkorswimstudio.com/

  Episode 33: Lubomir Arsov

WATCH “IN SHADOW” before you listen to this podcast! https://youtu.be/j800SVeiS5I

Lubomir Arsov is an artist and filmmaker based in Toronto, Canada. He’s got an incredible graphic style; his art has an immediacy to it that communicates instantly. In this podcast, we talked about many things from Lubomir’s beginnings to his current projects and what inspires him today. Lubomir created “In Shadow” a short 13-minute film exploring the nature of reality and the society in which we live. The film challenged me on many levels and consequently, I’ve been sharing it far and wide. It is one of the most POWERFUL pieces of art I’ve seen, period. In my opinion, it speaks to the core of what’s shaping our world today.

Check out Lubomir on Instagram: @lubomirarsov “In Shadow”

Website: https://www.inshadow.net

  Episode 32: William Patino

William Patino is an extraordinary photographer based in the South Island of New Zealand. He captures the landscape and environment with exquisite light and atmosphere. It takes hard work to be in the right place at the right time to get images that reach another level of impact; he shows the drive and passion necessary to make it work as a full time creative professional. William didn’t always have his sights set on being a professional photographer – he fell into it after his personal struggles along his life’s journey. He’s a man on a mission and he now teaches his techniques and photography skills online.

Check out his amazing images on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/william_patino/?hl=en

William Patino’s website: https://williampatino.com

  Episode 31: John Coleman

John Coleman is an extraordinary artist based in Arizona in the United States. His works are inspired by Native American culture and in each piece he explores real human stories and emotion. John works across different disciplines creating breathtaking bronze sculptures, amazing charcoal drawings and masterfully crafted oil paintings. He became a member of the National Sculpture Society and the famous and prestigious Cowboy Artists of America. In this conversation we talked about a wide variety of things including his beginnings and philosophy on art as well as his views on the current global situation and how he plans to create his way through.

Check out John Coleman’s stunning art on Instagram: @johncolemanart John

Coleman’s website: https://www.colemanstudios.com

  Episode 30: Sean Cheetham

Sean Cheetham is a phenomenal figurative painter based in California in the United States. His works are not only technically well executed in his signature style, but they have a narrative quality exploring everyday themes and going beyond the surface into something deeper. His paintings have been included in numerous significant exhibitions internationally including the National Portrait Gallery in London. He has a devoted following of collectors and art students that are inspired by his work and distinctive technique. His alla prima paintings show a deep understanding of drawing. In this episode I wanted to dive deep into Seans beginnings as an artist and find out more about his story. In addition to this, I wanted to know about some of the ways he was going to adapt and change with the times and in the face of current global challenges.

Find Sean Cheetham on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seancheetham/ Sean Cheetham’s

Website: https://www.seancheethamfineart.com

  Episode 29:  Maria Brophy

Maria Brophy is an art marketing genius and author of the book “Art Money Success”. Her beginnings were in marketing and business, before she married renowned surf artist Drew Brophy. Maria is also a speaker, educator and a creative success coach. Her teachings and her book cover many of the foundational things that are essential considerations for the creative professional not to mention incredible strategies for navigating the world as we find it. Her book has become one of my favourites on the topic of art business, and is a must-read for any artist wanting to turn their passion into their career.

Check out Maria’s work here: https://mariabrophy.com

Get the BOOK! https://mariabrophy.com/book

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mariabrophy/

  Episode 28:  Cesar Santos

Cesar Santos is an incredibly talented figurative artist based in Miami Florida. He was classically trained in the traditional atelier system in Florence Italy. His works have been displayed in prestigious galleries and he has produced several commissions for clients around the world. Cesar creates unique visions of everyday people, created in his signature style of meticulously detailed forms juxtaposed with abstraction. In this podcast we reflect on the current global situation and explore our feelings, hopes and reservations moving forward. Could this be a time for artists to adapt, grow and potentially thrive? Always a pleasure to shoot the breeze with Cesar! Hope you enjoy! Check out Cesar Santos’ masterful artwork: https://cesarsantos.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/santocesart/?hl=en YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHUofurwg70iaByk_qIEZnA

  Episode 27:  Bryan Mark Taylor

Bryan Mark Taylor is an artist based in Utah in the United States. He creates exceptional realist paintings of a wide variety of subjects. Bryan isn’t bound by any particular genre; he explores whatever territories his imagination prompts! I admire artists like Bryan for their business savvy; he’s found security not only in painting exceptionally well but also in diversifying across a range of fields. Bryan is also a lecturer, teacher and inventor and the creator behind the Strada Easel. This was an awesome conversation! Check out Bryan’s work here: https://www.bryanmarktaylor.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bryanmarktaylor/ https://www.stradaeasel.com

  Episode 26:  Lori McNee

Lori McNee is a talented landscape painter based in Idaho in the United States. She works both En Plein Air and in the studio. Her paintings are highly sought after and she has built a considerable following on social media. Lori has spent years building her art business and achieving a high level of success, not only with original sales through galleries and directly to clients, but also sharing her works and process online through digital platforms. I wanted to ask Lori not only about her beginning as an artist, but also for advice and pointers on how creative professionals today could pivot and take advantage of a changing marketplace.

Check out Lori’s Art: https://www.instagram.com/lorimcneeartist/ https://lorimcnee.com

  Episode 25:  Sam Lewis AKA SLEW

Sam Lewis AKA: SLEW is a young artist based in Massachusetts USA. His art is heavily influenced by graffiti and street culture. He creates huge mural works as well as fine art. He has a thriving art business and YouTube channel where he is now gaining followers rapidly. His meteoric rise to success can be attributed to his ability to hustle and grind! Creating exciting and engaging works and shares the process with his followers online. In this conversation, we uncover Sam’s origins, his experiences with art school and how he embraces new technologies to build his art brand. Check out Sams work! https://www.slewtheworld.com

  Episode 24:  Special Edition

In this SPECIAL EDITION of The Creative Endeavour Podcast I reached out to some previous guests to ask them how they were coping in the face of the current global crisis. We have THOMAS FLUHARTY, CARLA GRACE, KELLY FOSS and my father TOM TISCHLER What were their thoughts and strategies for how to maintain creativity and positivity during these times? These are raw and real conversations and hopefully we can all gain something from the insights!

THOMAS FLUHARTY: www.thomasfluharty.com https://www.instagram.com/thomasfluharty/?hl=en

CARLA GRACE www.carlagraceart.com https://www.instagram.com/carla_grace_art/?hl=en

KELLY FOSS https://kellyfoss.com/about https://www.instagram.com/kellyfossart/?hl=en

TOM TISCHLER: www.tomtischler.com

  Episode 23:  Vince Kamp

Vince Kamp is an inspiring artist based in the United Kingdom. His figurative paintings explore interesting scenes and scenarios and are heavily influenced by cinema – especially the crime and gangster genre. Vince is a guy who executes at a high level. If he has an idea, he really goes for it! He’s not only an accomplished painter with sell-out shows and an impressive resume, but he’s also an incredibly talented filmmaker. His films and paintings explore the same space and complement each other. Check out his latest project “The Queen of Diamonds” http://vincekamp.com/videos

  Episode 22:  Lucas Kratochwil

Lucas Kratochwil is an Argentinian artist based in Canada. He produces some incredible and monumental landscape paintings based on the Canadian wilderness. His techniques are hyper-realistic and take on interesting vantage points as he gathers much of his reference material from the air. He has had a meteoric rise to success on his creative journey so far. We talked not only about his approach to art, but about his approach to taking care of the “artist” as a whole. Check out Lucas Kratochwil’s paintings: www.lucaskratochwil.com on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lucas.kratochwil

  Episode 21: Kate Zambrano

Kate Zambrano is a young artist based in Los Angeles, California. She creates amazing drawings and paintings, primarily portraiture. She also teaches her techniques through her courses and workshops. Kate is an example of someone creating great work and sustaining her creative workflow through art sales and workshop bookings. I wanted to drill down into her art business to garner some insights and find out more about her creative journey. We spoke at length about social media and how this can be both a blessing and a curse. This was a great conversation! I hope you enjoy!

  Episode 20: Steve Chmilar

Steve Chmilar is an artist based in Canada, creating some amazing surrealistic work. He composes his images with a unique combination of references including 3 dimensional models, sets and sculptures. Steve is an incredibly talented guy, transitioning from a life as a professional musician into professional art. He has a unique approach to marketing, choosing to represent himself networking directly with clients. We had a great chat about his beginnings, his creative process and his approach to business. Check out Steves exceptional art on Instagram: @stevechmilar Steve Chmilar’s Website: www.stevechmilar.com

  Episode 19: Caleb Brown

Caleb Brown is a young artist based in Georgia USA creating dynamic paintings of sporting icons and celebrities. He has a slick and graphic style and his paintings are punchy and eye catching. Caleb has nailed the direct marketing side of art and he now paints full time selling his art directly to his clients. What impresses me most is his mindset and how he has trained a state of mind that allows him to persevere in the face of adversity. This was a great conversation, it caused me to revisit my approach to my own creative practice. Check out Caleb’s art on his website: https://www.calebscanvas.com and on Instagram: @calebscanvas

Check out Caleb’s TED TALK: https://youtu.be/LGNlz75egRk

  Episode 18: Renato Muccillo

Renato Muccillo is a successful landscape painter living in Canada. He is somebody that I have looked up to over the years and it was a real treat to talk to him. He opened up about his personal journey and what drives him to create.

You can find Renato’s work on his website: www.renatomuccillo.com and on Instagram: @renatomuccillo_fine_arts

  Episode 17: Bethany Vere

Bethany Vere is a young equine artist based in the United Kingdom. Her coloured pencil portraits of horses and various other animals are highly sought after by collectors worldwide. In recent years she has landed deals with major sponsors and had work collected by her childhood heroes. Her work is extraordinarily high quality. I wanted to hear more about the medium and how she makes it work as a thriving business, and also about her artistic journey. Bethany’s story is one of perseverance and ultimately breaking through despite the challenges!

You can find Bethany on Intagram:

  Episode 16: Thomas Fluharty

Thomas Fluharty is an amazing artist specialising in caricatures. His work is held in high regard internationally and has adorned the covers of Time Magazine, Der Spiegel and Mad Magazine and is in high demand worldwide. I wanted to hear about how Thomas has managed to dominate in such a competitive industry, but also how he got his start on his creative journey. In the 2 hours we shared Thomas completely opened up and I came away totally inspired and wanting to reengage with more purpose and direction!

Check out Thomas Fluharty’s amazing art on Instagram @thomasfluharty and on his website: www.thomasfluharty.com

  Episode 15: Sandro Kopp

Sandro Kopp is an extraordinarily talented and creatively obsessed artist based in Scotland. His works depict a wide variety of subjects, with a heavy focus on portraits. Though he paints with a classical approach his works explore themes dealing with technology and connection. It’s an interesting blend of the contemporary and traditional. Not only does Sandro create fantastic art, but he has also worked in the film industry and has some pretty impressive credits on his resume. This conversation was wide and varied in its topics. It was a great exchange. I thoroughly enjoyed it; I hope you will too!

Find out more about Sandro and his Art on his website: www.sandrokopp.com
instagram: @sandrokopp

  Episode 14: Miles Johnston

Miles Johnston is an unbelievably talented young artist based in Sweden. He creates drawing and paintings of a surrealistic nature. His images are visually rich and layered with meaning, not to mention, exceptionally well executed. I wanted to hear more about Miles’s art but also dive deeper into his personal story and how he makes it as an artist. Miles has a thriving art business and in this conversation he discusses a few things that have contributed to his success. To see more of Miles Johnston’s art please visit: www.milesjohnstonart.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miles_art/

  Episode 13: Carla Grace

Carla Grace is an exceptional wildlife artist based in Adelaide, Australia. Her work is hyper-realistic and collected worldwide. Not only is Carla incredibly dedicated to her creative practice, but she is also nails the business side of art. Her strategies and practices ensure that her global following continues to pay top dollar for her exquisite paintings. This conversation explored many different areas from social media to business to her personal story and how she got to the fortunate position she finds herself in today. To see more of CARLA GRACE’S art:
www.carlagraceart.com, https://www.instagram.com/carla_grace_art

  Episode 12: Colin Dixon

Colin Dixon is somebody very close to me and integral in my story of becoming an established artist. In fact, Colin and his wife Gaye ran the first Gallery I approached back in the early years, just as I was starting out. I noticed something was very different about the way Colin ran the business; at times it seemed diametrically opposed to many of the dealers and galleries I was also associated with at the time. Many of the lessons I learned in those early years are still relevant today. He shared many great insights in this conversation, certainly food for thought for emerging artists!

  Episode 11: Tom Tischler

Tom Tischler is a renowned wildlife sculptor specialising in monumental bronze animals. He’s also my Dad! I thought it would be great to get him on the podcast and share his story. I also wanted to know about his approach to the business side of art and what made him so successful. In the age of the internet, my father hasn’t embraced any of the new technologies. He is a product of “the old school”; I wanted to know what the old school could offer the “new school”. This was a fun conversation with plenty of lessons to apply! to see some of Tom’s art please visit www.tomtischler.com

  Episode 10: Cody Oldham

 Cold Oldham is a 15 year old artist based in Colorado USA. In this episode Cody is interviewing me and asking some of his own questions and some questions I commonly get through social media and by email. If you wanted to know a bit more about my personal story or approach to business, check out this episode!

You can find Cody’s fantastic artwork on his website:

Episode 9: Lena Danya

 Lena Danya is a realist painter creating stunning figurative works; many depicting water in its varied forms. Taking full advantage of the multitude of interactive and connecting social media technologies, Lena has amassed an online following of hundreds of thousands of people. I wanted to find out more about her personal story as well as some of her strategies for success as a full time creative professional. She was incredibly open in this conversation and I came away with a few new ideas!

You can find more of Lena’s work here: www.lenadanya.com
Instagram: @lenadanya

  Episode 8: Kelly Foss

Kelly Foss is a classically trained realist artist based in New York City. Not only does she create exquisite artwork, celebrating the human form – she supports herself through her art as a full-time creative professional. Kelly also teaches with the prestigious group “Drawing New York”. We had a great conversation about her strategies for success, managing art business affairs and also we got into the technical aspects of her work. To see Kelly Foss’s artwork please visit: www.kellyfoss.com Instagram: @kellyfossart


Episode 7: Jacob Butler

Jacob Butler is a young artist based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Jacob showed promise with his art as a child but was discouraged by negative feedback. Despite the challenges that life threw in front of him, Jacob ultimately triumphed and now he sells his work and thrives as a full time artist. Here in this interview, Jacob shares his personal story and lessons he gathered on his path to success. You can find Jacobs work at www.shakey.com.au Instagram: @shakeyjakey11

  Episode 6: Alex Warnick

Alex Warnick is a professional artist based in Indiana USA, specialising in birds. Her work is exquisite, executed with fine detail. Many of her paintings are used in publications and bird identification guides. She is an example of an artist immersed in their element, living and breathing inspiration. It’s always inspiring connecting with creative professionals and finding out how they make a living through their passion. I know Alex would have a lot to share on her unique approach to an artistic career. We had a great conversation all about the business side of art. You can find Alex at www.alexwarnick.com and on instagram and @alexwarnick .

  Episode 5: Brendon Darby

Brendon Darby is a prominent Western Australian Artist based in Perth who creates stunning landscapes and portraits. Many of his works bridge the gap between realism and abstract.

It’s important to have “art heroes” and I personally consider Brendon to be one. I initially reached out to Brendon many years ago before I became a professional artist, seeking advice on how to start my career.

I never forgot his encouraging words. I knew he would have a lot to share in the time we had for this interview. To see more of Brendons work please visit www.brendondarby.com and find him on instagram: @brendondarbyart

  Episode 4: Anya Brock

Anya Brock is a dynamic artist based in Perth, Western Australia. I wanted to find out more about her career and the direction she took her passion for painting. We had an interesting conversation about  the way she balanced personal and professional life and challenged the paradigms many artists find themselves in. To see Anya’s work please visit www.anyabrock.com and find her on Instagram: @anyapaintface

  Episode 3: Dr Demartini

Challenges are a part of everyday life and creative professionals have their fair share! One huge problem area for many artists has to do with self worth; that has effects that flow onto our relationship with money. This is an area I really wanted to drill down into with Dr. Demartini and he didn’t disappoint!

  Episode 2: Virgil Elliott

Virgil Elliott is a modern authority on Traditional Oil Painting. His book “Traditional Oil Painting” is a wealth of information that will help any aspiring painter gain a better understanding of the medium.
Join Andrew Tischler and Virgil Elliott in this episode of The Creative Endeavour as they unpack several topics from views on Modern Art, to troubles with White paint and techniques of the Old Masters.

  Episode 1: Cesar Santos

Becoming a creative professional poses many challenges; you’ll no doubt gain some insights and encouragement from this interview with the great Cesar Santos. With insane painting skills, Cesar creates bold work, sought after by collectors worldwide. We talk about his humble beginnings in Cuba to his daily rituals for success.
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