This Podcast is dedicated to up and coming creative professionals – sharing stories from practicing professional artists and creative geniuses from around the world.

Episode 1:

Becoming a creative professional poses many challenges; you’ll no doubt gain some insights and encouragement from this interview with the great Cesar Santos. With insane painting skills, Cesar creates bold work, sought after by collectors worldwide. We talk about his humble beginnings in Cuba to his daily rituals for success.

Episode 2:

Virgil Elliott is a modern authority on Traditional Oil Painting. His book “Traditional Oil Painting” is a wealth of information that will help any aspiring painter gain a better understanding of the medium.
Join Andrew Tischler and Virgil Elliott in this episode of The Creative Endeavour as they unpack several topics from views on Modern Art, to troubles with White paint and techniques of the Old Masters.

Episode 3:

Challenges are a part of everyday life and creative professionals have their fair share! One huge problem area for many artists has to do with self worth; that has effects that flow onto our relationship with money. This is an area I really wanted to drill down into with Dr. Demartini and he didn’t disappoint!

Episode 4:

Anya Brock is a dynamic artist based in Perth, Western Australia. I wanted to find out more about her career and the direction she took her passion for painting. We had an interesting conversation about  the way she balanced personal and professional life and challenged the paradigms many artists find themselves in. To see Anya’s work please visit www.anyabrock.com and find her on Instagram: @anyapaintface


Episode 5:

Brendon Darby is a prominent Western Australian Artist based in Perth who creates stunning landscapes and portraits. Many of his works bridge the gap between realism and abstract.

It’s important to have “art heroes” and I personally consider Brendon to be one. I initially reached out to Brendon many years ago before I became a professional artist, seeking advice on how to start my career.

I never forgot his encouraging words. I knew he would have a lot to share in the time we had for this interview. To see more of Brendons work please visit www.brendondarby.com and find him on instagram: @brendondarbyart 


Episode 6:

Alex Warnick is a professional artist based in Indiana USA, specialising in birds. Her work is exquisite, executed with fine detail. Many of her paintings are used in publications and bird identification guides. She is an example of an artist immersed in their element, living and breathing inspiration. It’s always inspiring connecting with creative professionals and finding out how they make a living through their passion. I know Alex would have a lot to share on her unique approach to an artistic career. We had a great conversation all about the business side of art. You can find Alex at www.alexwarnick.com and on instagram and @alexwarnick . 


Episode 7:

Jacob Butler is a young artist based in Fremantle, Western Australia. Jacob showed promise with his art as a child but was discouraged by negative feedback. Despite the challenges that life threw in front of him, Jacob ultimately triumphed and now he sells his work and thrives as a full time artist. Here in this interview, Jacob shares his personal story and lessons he gathered on his path to success. You can find Jacobs work at www.shakey.com.au Instagram: @shakeyjakey11

Episode 8:

Kelly Foss is a classically trained realist artist based in New York City. Not only does she create exquisite artwork, celebrating the human form – she supports herself through her art as a full-time creative professional. Kelly also teaches with the prestigious group “Drawing New York”. We had a great conversation about her strategies for success, managing art business affairs and also we got into the technical aspects of her work. To see Kelly Foss’s artwork please visit: www.kellyfoss.com Instagram: @kellyfossart


Episode 9:

 Lena Danya is a realist painter creating stunning figurative works; many depicting water in its varied forms. Taking full advantage of the multitude of interactive and connecting social media technologies, Lena has amassed an online following of hundreds of thousands of people. I wanted to find out more about her personal story as well as some of her strategies for success as a full time creative professional. She was incredibly open in this conversation and I came away with a few new ideas!

You can find more of Lena’s work here:
Instagram: @lenadanya

Episode 10:

 Cold Oldham is a 15 year old artist based in Colorado USA. In this episode Cody is interviewing me and asking some of his own questions and some questions I commonly get through social media and by email. If you wanted to know a bit more about my personal story or approach to business, check out this episode!

You can find Cody’s fantastic artwork on his website:

Episode 11:

Tom Tischler is a renowned wildlife sculptor specialising in monumental bronze animals. He’s also my Dad! I thought it would be great to get him on the podcast and share his story. I also wanted to know about his approach to the business side of art and what made him so successful. In the age of the internet, my father hasn’t embraced any of the new technologies. He is a product of “the old school”; I wanted to know what the old school could offer the “new school”. This was a fun conversation with plenty of lessons to apply! to see some of Tom’s art please visit www.tomtischler.com

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