“I absolutely love to paint! I’m inspired by it all!

To master my craft and share the process with others, is my life’s mission.” 

hi there!

I’m Andrew and I love to paint – in fact, I’m obsessed with it! I have been making art ever since I can remember and I spend every day trying to better myself as an Artist. I not only dedicate myself to a diligent studio practice, creating works for my international collectors but I also have a passion for teaching; I love to pass on what I have gathered from my years of research and experimentation in the studio.

I am inspired by the paintings of the old masters and how they depicted nature. This is what I strive to recreate in my own work; to better my understanding and pass the knowledge on.

These are absolutely wonderful high-quality videos, beautifully presented. Full of valuable in-depth information on colour, light, equipment and technique and a lesson on how important it is to understand the physical nature of what you are painting.

Norm H

Andrew’s personality is so gripping throughout the video and I felt as if he was speaking directly to me. His technique is sound and easy to learn and explanations so clear and straight forward that you couldn’t be confused, even if you tried. I absolutely enjoyed this and gained a significant amount of knowledge and i know you will too!

Joshua D

Andrew’s DVDs are loaded with valuable information and have taught me a lot about oil painting and they leave me wanting more. You will not be disappointed! They will expand your artistic abilities to a new level. They definitely deserve a 10 out of 10.

David H

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