The Winter Landscape Tutorial



This landscape painting tutorial is jam packed with information –

over 7 hours of content!

I am inspired by the surrounding landscape in my South Island home. There are such extreme seasonal changes here and it provides the artist with a unique opportunity to paint these variations in light and atmosphere.

This painting – “The Winter Landscape” contains an extreme depth dynamic provided by low-lying mist, simplifying the background. The subtle shifts in tones and hues from the sky to the mid-ground are a challenge to convey.

The background is contrasted against the sharpness of the crisp details in the monumental pine trees and the branches of the willow. Sheep graze in the foreground, searching for any morsels not touched by the frost, inviting the viewer into this quaint and gentle scene. Despite the fact that New Zealand is half the world away for most people, I believe this landscape has universal appeal.

In this Winter landscape painting tutorial, I break the entire process down into sections, and we’ll talk about many of my oil painting techniques for creating a realistic scene.

 We start at the very beginning with the En Plein Air sketch – working from life painting in the outdoors. I will show you the tools I use when working outside, and some key strategies for success when painting En Plein Air.

You’ll witness the sketching of the scene onto a large canvas in the studio, creating a Grisaille before working up the image in paint. I start off loose and then build up my layers strategically before finally adding those intricate details.

Even though this painting took around 80 hours to complete; I have broken the process down into 3 major sections sharing with you the essential techniques in this landscape painting tutorial!


From start to finish you’ll see the entire process, so  

join me in the studio and let’s get some paint out!

What you will learn

  • I will show you the Materials I use for creating an oil painting, from the paint and mediums to the brushes and grounds.

  • You’ll see the entire painting process broken down in easy to understand steps, from the Sketch to blocking in and even applying the fine details.

  • You’ll see up close how I use brushwork to define the subject

  • I will show you my palette where Colour Mixing plays an important role in creating realism!

  • I use many mediums in my process and here I keep it simple and share a tried and true application

  • The painting is built up to a rich surface by layering the paint over many passes.

  • I show you how modelling with paint defines form creating a 3D scene!

  • I show you how to paint incredible intricate detail in trees and grass and how to achieve elusive effects like mist.

I just finished your Winter Landscape DVD and I had to tell you how much I enjoyed it. It truly exceeded my expectations. Also a big “Thanks” for getting it to me here so quickly. Your painting was exemplary, and the filming was superb. Bravo!! It’s a real, and informative, pleasure to watch! Thanks again, It was absolutely Superb! 

Jim F

I just finished watching my DVD on “The Winter Landscape”. I have been at an artistic standstill for 6 years now.  I didn’t know where to go. This was the most amazing video I have watched.  Although I learned so very much, I also got some motivation and direction. Thank you so very, very much.  You are not only a fantastic artist, but a wonderful teacher as well!

Leslie W

Well done, I enjoyed it a lot!  What I like especially is how you give so much detail about what you’re doing – down to the mix of colours,brush type and size. I learned so much from what you say, but also just watching you work and witnessing your process. It’s affecting my own paintings at a more successful level.
Looking forward to your next tutorial.

Anne S

I watched all four videos. I was amazed at how great your painting looked at every stage. I felt that, by the end of the second part, my money investment was justified. These four videos are loaded with information and it will take not one, not two but several viewings to absorb it all.

Mario R

I cannot say enough good about your painting tutorial on
The Winter Landscape! I just binge watched it in complete amazement! You are not only an amazing artist, you are a great teacher too, something that isn’t always found in the same package. Your detailed running commentary is invaluable. All the details of brushwork, palette, process and theory, it all is communicated so excellently. Your videography is stunning and the recap  time lapses are awesome too. It’s all here! Thanks for giving of yourself to make these excellent quality tutorials. Now to begin the lifetime of application!

Paul D

I can’t thank you enough for the quality and range of the subject matter following my recent purchase of the Winter Landscape tutorial. It far exceeded my expectations and can honestly say I have learnt more in seven hours than in the last 2 years, searching through YouTube videos and books. The tutorial was easy to follow and held my interest throughout. This was just what I was looking for and can’t wait to put paint to canvas, I’m so excited!

John L

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4 MP4 files – 7.78GB

7.25 hours of content  

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Digital Files + DVD

4 MP4 files – 7.78GB

7.25 hours of content  

 viewed in 1080p, no subtitles


Q & A

Are your tutorials good for beginners?

I make tutorials that everyone will gain something from. If you are a beginner, then this is a great place to start. You’ll no doubt learn some crucial techniques to accelerate your development as a painter. If you’re an advanced or professional artist you’ll come away with some new tricks refreshing your approach to creating paintings.

Can acrylic painters gain something from your tutorials?

Absolutely, whilst the mediums have their differences many of the concepts here are the same. It all comes down to colour and composition and these elements are universal in painting

How much of the process do you share?

All of it! Whilst this presentation doesn’t show every single brushstroke I have filmed every stage of this painting. This piece took well over 80 hours; I boiled it down to the essential techniques into 7 hours!

Do you talk about colour mixing?

Yes! Frequently. Colour mixing is important and intermittently through the presentation I show my palette and how I mix some of the colours in this painting.


Can the viewer paint along with you?

You’re more than welcome to paint along. However I recommend using this tutorial as a guide to paint your own scenes and take these techniques to create your own unique vision. This will give you the nudge you need to take your paintings to the next level.



Do you show how to achieve details?

Yes, I have zoomed in to show some of these finer details being applied, particularly on the trees and in the grasses in the foreground




Does the download work for iPad?

Yes, but we have found that each version of the ipad requires a different software, so before purchasing can please check out what software your ipad requires to download an MP4 file. Thank you!




If I need technical support regarding downloads, can I contact you?

Absolutely,if you have a technical issue, we are only an email away! 



What do I need to know before downloading the tutorial?

The files are relatively large so ensure you have enough space on your computer before commencing the download. Once i’ts saved on your computer you can then save this to a USB stick or portable drive to free up space. 

You’ll need a good internet connection to download the tutorial, the speed of your connection will determine how long it takes to complete the download. 

Make sure you download files individually, one after the other. If your download stops, un-pause it instead of starting again. An interrupted internet connection will cause the download to pause. 




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