Seascape Painting Tutorial

Painting the Southwest Seascape Tutorial

Oil Painting Techniques with Andrew Tischler

In this full 2hr in-depth tutorial of How to Paint a Seascape, you will get a closer look into Andrew Tischler’s oil painting techniques for water, waves, sky and rocks.             

You will be taken through his process from start to finish and learn how Andrew created an engaging seascape with dynamic energy!

“Easy to understand and accessible teaching is always key to growing as a painter. So I have designed this video tutorial to help you access key oil painting techniques to help you get the most out of your studio time”.

Andrew gives his trade secrets in this presentation and many techniques he has gathered over the last 13 years of being a professional artist.

 This is another must-have video for your studio collection!


In this video presentation we will cover:

Design process and composition

Surface preparation

Blocking-In using simple colour combos and shapes

Modeling, refining shapes and tones

Detailing – creating a 3D form


This video presentation will show you how to improve your:

Oil painting techniques for water, waves, sky and rocks

Brush techniques for white water and sea spray!

Dynamic depth, highlights and shadows

The crucial interaction between rocks and water

Creating an engaging light glow through waves

DVD version, 1 disc with chapter selection, 2 hrs.

High definition duel layer will work on all standard DVD players.

USD $39 + shipping   

Download version, 2GB, 2hrs duration.

USD $30


I purchased the downloadable version of Andrew’s Seascape tutorial. It was great to be able to access it immediately. The video quality is very professional. Andrew is a clear, informative, positive, inspirational teacher. He outlines and demonstrates his painting methodology as he steps you though this beautiful massive painting from beginning to end. It is an excellent value and I’m glad it is a way I can contribute to Andrew because he provides so much great information for free.   Dale G

Love this seascape video. The subject to beautiful to begin with but your talent and skill bring this flat painting surface to an amazingly realistic and powerful piece of art. I hope to paint this very soon.   Heather Redick

Thank You again Andrew, I can only add to the above statements, I have painted since I was in grade school. I meet a Master Painter in 1988, studied with Him 3yrs, then we became friends for life through mail & e-mail. He passed over ( Feb. 16th 2016) at age 84. I will miss Him GREATLY. I must add first that You have been given a GREAT Gift from a Higher power, I feel that You ARE the New 21st Century Master, and will be for a Very long time. I breath the air of Albert Bierstadt, I think perhaps You have surpassed Him, I wish I could have known Him, but that is not possible, Soooooooooo,I am Very Greatfull for You. I most forget that You are so Young,but hold that GREAT Knowledge that I though only came with age, silly me. Also thank You for Your abundant,unselfishness in sharing with others this treasure.May You Always be Blessed in Your Many Years to come. Always,   Hope Morrow Glidden.

Wow, congratulations Andrew, this is an absolutely wonderful high-quality video, beautifully presented. Full of valuable in-depth information on color, light, equipment and technique, and a lesson in how important it is to understand the physical nature of was you are painting. You also demonstrate clearly how essential it is to not rush the process and not be afraid to rework areas. Oh, I wish that I had your talent! You have certainly inspired me (a 74 y.o. retiree) to pick up the brushes again – with renewed enthusiasm (and hope!).   Norm, Ballarat

Just want you to know I love the DVD Southwest Seascape which I received promptly after ordering a month or so ago. It is among my few top favs in my art DVD library. Now I can’t wait for your next. I hope there will be a next.
I really enjoy your short YouTube videos, but wish I could have DVDs of them that I could play on my portable DVD player anywhere and not have to be online.Your painting of pet dogs and cat outstanding. I mean the painting itself. I watch the video over and over if only for the fascination of its evolving –hoping to learn by osmosis, ha-ha!–but again wish I can have a DVD of it to play on my portable recorder. Even though I might not watch, I often play tutorial DVDs in my studio while painting rather than music. I always pick up tips while listening and am refreshed (reminded) of techniques or methods I forgot. And thanks for being so generous in freely sharing your methods, etc . Your skill and the products of your skill beyond best. And unlike too many other really poor instructors–although great artists, maybe–your teaching voice and methods are tops too. If I were young and focused on an art career, you certainly would be an artist/instructor I’d want to study under. So . . . waiting to add more of your DVDs to my library. And thank you for the first one–great quality, affordability and quick service too. A forever fan.         Donna Vesley

I just wanted to say that as a self taught artist, I have collected many Art DVD’s about oil painting and this new Painting the Southwest Seascape by Andrew Tischler is a must have DVD it is loaded with valuable information that you will constantly refer back to,this DVD has taught me a lot about oil painting and it leaves me wanting more ,do yourself a favor purchase this DVD you will not be disappointed!.It will expand your artistic abilities to a new level. If I was to rate this DVD on a scale of 10 out of 10 it definitely deserves a 10. David HeathEven if as a french my English language is not perfect, I found this DVD fantastic : Composition, mixing color, brush technics, and the marvelous result. Many thanks to the incredible artist Andrew to share his skills for only 30$. When watching the dvd time passes so fast, and it I feel like painting. I can’t wait the next vidéo !!!    Jean Magnin

I have to say, thank you Andrew Tischler! As a self taught artist i’m always looking for skills and tips to add to your own arsenal of techniques to help improve your own creativity on the piece your working on the easel at that moment. Whether it’s painting seascapes, portraits, landscapes or stilllife to pick a few . Andrew holds nothing back sharing his color choice, blending of beautiful grays, tonal depth for distance, layering process, brushes to use, mediums and the list goes on and on. I certainly appreciate the mastery and passion you share in your DVD. I look forward to your emails and future training. (Southwest Seascapes DVD is a must have.)Thanks so much!  Charles Bell

Very happy with this purchase! Andrew is enjoyable to listen to and definitely shares plenty of information about how to paint a seascape. He is such a talented artist and this video has more than inspired me. He shares detailed information about the colors he uses as well as his brush choices. He does not hesitate to explain his brushwork techniques. I am hopeful to see more high quality videos produced like this one!   Kathleen James

Love this video. Thanks so much for providing such an informative study of a seascape. Love the motion and action of the water. Also love the realistic look of the rocks. Very inspirational. I am very grateful for all your help making this all possible for me. Thanks again   Diania 

A NO NONSENSE GUIDE TO PAINTING SEASCAPES. As an art student – I love everything about art, so i always appreciate the time and effort that goes into tutorials, documentaries, etc. I’ll try to do as much justice as possible.
– Andrew’s personality is so gripping, throughout the video I felt as if he was speaking directly to and with me, truly a quality that few artists possess in their tutorials.
– His explanations were so clear and straightforward that you could’n’t be confused even if you tried. Quite often i may be watching a tutorial and the artist starts talking gibberish so it’s nice when the information is simplified.
– His technique is sound and easy to learn. Some persons can’t execute certain things like mixing of paint, initial sketches, etc. and this tutorial helps a bit with those things and more!This is, basically a solid tutorial from a great artist. I absolutely enjoyed this and gained a significant amount of knowledge and i know you will too!   Joshua

I have been on many workshops and purchased quite a few videos on fine art. I can honestly say Andrew’s Seascape tutorial is the best out there. Andrew’s style of teaching is first class, he has a pragmatic approach to a painting project that is so refreshing. It is worth the money just to watch him go through the process. If you are looking for some help or just inspiration, buy this. I am very much looking forward to the next video.   Phillip

Andrew, I like the step by step process that you use in this DVD thank you for showing so much detail and skill . this is, with no doubt the best seascape I have come across !I can’t wait for your next DVD .
I am very grateful for this shared knowledge , thank you very much.   Boris

Exceeded my expectations. I think I have watched my video about 7 times now and have referenced certain parts even more than that – this is so full of insight, tips, wisdom and helpful hints that help make a painting great. When I struggle with the sky in one of my paintings, I reference the parts of the video of Andrew painting the sky, the same with water, waves, rocks etc… This video is like none other – it leaves nothing out and you can watch the entire process. Brilliant and a treasure.   Julianna

This is a wonderfully crafted video, shows all of the stages of Andrews painting method from planning to finishing, all in exquisite detail. He explains things in simple and easy to understand stages culminating in a beautiful work of art full of colour, texture, movement and atmosphere. He makes it appear effortless a sure sign of a gifted practitioner. Anyone who loves art would find this a wonderfully inspirational 2 hours of viewing. The best $30 you’ll spend this year, I can’t wait for his next video.   Mike Norris

The DVD tutorial was very, very helpful. it got me inspired to paint and I came away with probably 7 new ideas in mind. It was very different from all the DVDs I have. The southwest seascape painting came out great. It is probably the best seascape painting that I’ve ever seen. What you have given to me and many other people is just amazing. The way you go through the process step by step – I like that you broke down the process from blocking in, modeling to detail. It sure has helped me to not get stuck in detail and just go through the process one little bit at a time. So thank you so much.   Cody

Worth every cent. It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your artistic endeavors. This two hour block of instruction contains something you can actually use. I’ve paid ten times as much for other instructional pieces and so I didn’t expect such a professionally developed, concisely explained and fun block of instruction.   Ben Kelly