Andrew Tischler has joined forces with Ex Animo!

The highest quality limited editions prints of selected works are now available from Ex Animo Editions, Fine Art Prints. 

How Ex Animo Started…
For many years I have searched for a way to share my work with more people and make my paintings more widely available. I have done prints in the past, but there were several challenges that presented themselves in the exercise and some of these challenges seemed insurmountable. The primary bottleneck we ran into; something that caused past ventures to grind to a halt, was the time that it took just to make the whole thing happen! I desperately needed help to make prints available and run the exercise in such a way that I could continue to put time into my studio work and video content. Painter’s gotta paint!
I was discussing these issues with Andreas Buse, my Agent in Perth, Western Australia. The idea for a separate venture came about from several conversations running through solutions to each and every concern. Once I have a solid, high-quality image of the painting that is true to life and full of colour, as it appears on the studio wall, I needed a system that could get that image to market as a print where every link in the chain was established, organized and flawless.
Furthermore, I didn’t want to subject myself to another “run-of-the-mill” online printing outfit where I’d just be another number. I needed the personal touch, from folks who actually cared about the artist and the collector equally. There are thousands of printing companies one could find on the web. How could I ensure that my clients and collectors were receiving the highest quality possible? I want time, care and attention and I know my clients demand the same.
This is where Ex Animo comes in.
The main goal of printing any work is ensuring that the digital image is top-notch. These files are created with the artist in mind and time is taken going back and forth between the printer and the artist to ensure the file is correct and of the highest standard. The limited-edition is then printed on the highest quality stock, acid-free and archival. Each print is produced using the giclee process; the inks used here are lightfast to ensure the images endure the years to follow. All prints are registered in our system and strictly limited edition. Every print is accompanied with a hand-signed certificate of authenticity.
Check out Ex Animo and the range of Limited edition prints of signature paintings available!

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