Portrait Painting Tutorials


In these 2 tutorials will cover:

The live sketch and posing the model.

Lighting for best results.

Materials including paint medium and brushes.

The block in phase – establishing the composition.

Modeling the full form.

Detail techniques for a dramatic and engaging effect.

You will learn how to:

Improve your skills in setting up for a successful painting.

Gain new brush techniques and handling of the material.

Create dramatic effects with light and shade.

Employ incredible colour combinations to create interest and 3 dimensionality.

Fix the portrait for creating a likeness.



Painting a portrait can be a challenge. It’s a mine field of technicalities that must be considered.

In this TWO-PART video presentation Andrew Tischler covers many vitally important aspects of portrait painting techniques.

Andrew guides you through the process with an easy to- follow methodology placing you in command of the process, allowing you to create more successful portrait paintings in your own studio!

One of the difficulties with portraits is capturing the likeness of the sitter. Andrew covers techniques for how to capture the essence of your chosen subject in detail, and then check your progress applying changes if necessary.

Andrew doesn’t hold back in this presentation.

Many aspects from the set-up to materials, to every phase of the final portrait painting will be covered in detail!

This tutorial also applies to acrylic painters.

A lot of the concepts are universal and can be applied to both oil and acrylic painting. Concepts such as colour theory and composition I’ll be discussing in these tutorials and also some general techniques, things to do with layering and brushwork can also be applied to acrylics. So this will definitely help to further you as an acrylic painter.

USD $59 for Download Tutorial

3.75GB in 2 separate downloads, 3.5hrs.


Two fantastic portrait demonstrations from Andrew. Andrew is an amazing educator and once again shares his wealth of knowledge. All you need to know is there. These two videos are invaluable resources for the portrait artist.   Jenny Davies

Certainly the best art video instruction I have ever bought. Andrew’s talent and ‘know-how’ is awe inspiring, but not only that, the videos are well documented, informative, fascinating, inspirational, and a joy to watch. They have been most helpful in making me a better artist. My advice is buy them, not only for the content, but also for Andrew’s separate ongoing free tips, and advice to all artists. Thank you Andrew…..wonderful stuff.   Paul McDonald

Best video tutorials ever…..I learned so much in a very short time. I highly recommend the video, well produced and easy to follow. Thank you!!!!    Connie Hobson

I have a number of portrait demonstration DVDs and this is the best. Would recommend it to anyone learning to paint portraits.   Michael Martonick

I love watching and listening to you Andrew, you are such an inspiration. Since i bought your DVD on portraits i have watched it over and over again and i have nearly completed my first portrait. I went to art college in my youth and i was never taught like this, it is like opening up a new world. I have learned so much on the mixing of colours which was always a mystery especially for painting skin. I wish you had been around 40 years ago. Thank you for sharing your gift.   Kath Brett

I’ve been painting for about 5 years and Andrew Tischler’s DVDs and Youtube videos are the very best that I have found! He is very clear in his explanations, the design of the making of the DVDs is excellent – the setup, the lighting, the demo, the voice over – everything is top notch and thorough. These materials have filled in many gaps in my knowledge and helped me refine my own work flow throughout the painting process. His own work reminds me of one of my favorite painters – Rembrandt – lots of exquisite build up of color and surface but with plenty of painterlyness throughout and visible in the finale. Really well done Andrew!!! Very few gifted painters are also gifted teachers.   Jean Snow

The DVD was absolutely incredible. I love the way he goes through the process step by step, from blocking in, modeling and detail. The brushes he uses, the way he moves the paint around and the colors he uses are unbelievable. If you want to become a professional portrait painter, this is the DVD to learn from.   Cody

I absolutely am loving your portrait videos. They are very thoughtful and well done with clear explanations for all your strokes. I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to purchase these videos; it’s like being in class with you. JoyceI love how much detail and depth you put into it. I’m sure it’s going to help bring my own painting up a notch. Truly amazing tutorial. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!   Rick Wallace

I enjoy Andrew’s tutorials, find his perception of colours
extremely subtle and his explanations are crystal clear.
I am 100% satisfied with the product.   Jean-Paul