Epic Kimberley  Tutorial



“This EPIC landscape tutorial will give you the essential tips for tackling a monumental painting. EPIC KIMBERLEY is loaded with slick techniques for painting landscape realism!”

This painting depicts The Kimberley, located at the top of Western Australia. It’s a unique landscape with some awesome features! My goal here was to provide my students with some interesting and achievable techniques for communicating vast depth, clouds, water and rock in oil paint.


“EPIC KIMBERLEY” is a jam packed tutorial full of real, actionable techniques that you can apply directly to your own paintings.”

This tutorial is not only for painting a large scene. In this 2 hour presentation you’ll find out exactly how I put together this image and you’ll have new tricks up your sleeve to apply to your own work!
My goal for every painting is to create the illusion of a 3 dimensional form on a 2 dimensional surface. Here, we’ll discuss in detail how I achieved incredible, eye-catching results and how you can do the same. I hold nothing back, and over the 2 hours we have together you’ll gain a better understanding of tone, colour, form, composition as well engaging textured surfaces built up with slick brushwork.


This will be the tutorial you’ll keep going back to again and again!

This tutorial starts with my design process, taking the images that I gathered out in the field to produce a plan to work from. From here I build up the painting in layers showing you my simple, but effective methodology. Once we have a firm base establishes we complete the painting with some eye catching detail techniques.

 I’ve dedicated the last 16 years to mastering painting; let me show you some great techniques that will save you the time an effort grinding it out in the studio. Take your landscapes further – check out this tutorial! 


Runtime: 2 hrs,                Includes download image.          MP4 File Size: 3.74GB        Viewed in 1080p, no subtitles.




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What you will learn

  • I will show you the Materials I use for creating an oil painting, from the paint and mediums to the brushes and grounds.
  • You’ll see up close how I use brushwork to define the subject
  • I will show you my palette where Colour Mixing plays an important role in creating realism!
  • I use many mediums in my process and here I keep it simple and share a tried and true application.
  • The painting is built up to a rich surface by layering the paint over many passes.
  • I show you how modelling with paint defines form creating a 3D scene!
  • You’ll see the entire painting process broken down in easy to understand steps, from the Sketch to blocking in and even applying the fine details.

I just finished watching Epic Kimberly and look forward to the other tutorials I have purchased. This is an absolute masterpiece. I have always been moved by the very large paintings in galleries of Thomas Cole and Albert Bierstadt. You are absolutely in their league.
Your tutorial is so well developed, showing enough brushwork detail to really understand. I marvel and hope to apply what I just learned by watching you, about how much colour and variety (all in the same value) you demonstrated in the upper part of the waterfall where the flat rock, still water, and sunlight all come together.


I just wanted to congratulate you on your new tutorial that I purchased, it is quite sensational and you are a truly talented artist.
I found the tutorial super informative and loved the way you continuously commentated throughout the viewing,

I can’t believe how much my portrait painting has improved due to your video I purchase. I have purchased 3 other videos on the subject, but you have nailed it!  I dreaded painting portraits, until I got your video.  Your instructions are so detailed, the palette you use and how you achieve the values are more than I could ask for.  Thank you so very much for being great at what you do and knowing how to teach.  Forever great full.

I am very happy with the video and I want Andrew to know how significant his courses are to me. I have made a financial effort to follow his excellent courses closely, and although it costs me a little to translate his teachings into Spanish, it is worth it. I want to tell you that for a long time I painted (30 years) and managed to obtain decent results, however, his teachings have allowed me to level up and be a little closer to my goal, which is to be of a professional level. What Andrew teaches cannot be paid with money … It is much more than that. Thank you very much for what you have given me.

Luis L

“I have taken a number of workshops and have a number of books and DVDs in my collection that I constantly refer too. I find that Andrew’s approach, as has outlined on this DVD and his previous ones, to be my main source of review. None surpasses his brushwork and development of the portrait. I feel he and what he demonstrates to be among the very best. His present DVD, “Painting Portraits” is concise and provides all the information to produce an excellent portrait.”
Michael M

Can acrylic painters gain something from your tutorials?
Absolutely, whilst the mediums have their differences many of the concepts here are the same. It all comes down to colour and composition and these elements are universal in painting.
Are your tutorials good for beginners?
I make tutorials that everyone will gain something from. If you are a beginner, then this is a great place to start. You’ll no doubt learn some crucial techniques to accelerate your development as a painter. If you’re an advanced or professional artist you’ll come away with some new tricks refreshing your approach to creating paintings.
Do you talk about colour mixing?
Yes! Frequently. Colour mixing is important and intermittently through the presentation I show my palette and how I mix some of the colours in this painting
Can the viewer paint along with you?
You’re more than welcome to paint along and I do provide the reference photo as well as the final painting for you to print out.  However I recommend using this tutorial as a guide to paint your own portraits and take these techniques to create your own unique vision. This will give you the nudge you need to take your paintings to the next level.
Do you show how to achieve details?
Yes, I have zoomed in to show some of these finer details being applied.
Does the download work for iPad?
Yes, but we have found that each version of the ipad requires a different software, so before purchasing can please check out what software your ipad requires to download an MP4 file. Thank you!
If I need technical support regarding the downloads, can I contact you?

Absolutely, if it’s a technical issue, we are here to help and only an email away!

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