Seascape Painting Tutorial

Painting the Southwest Seascape Tutorial

Oil Painting Techniques with Andrew Tischler

In this full 2hr in-depth tutorial of How to Paint a Seascape, you will get a closer look into Andrew Tischler’s oil painting techniques for water, waves, sky and rocks.             

You will be taken through his process from start to finish and learn how Andrew created an engaging seascape with dynamic energy!

“Easy to understand and accessible teaching is always key to growing as a painter. So I have designed this video tutorial to help you access key oil painting techniques to help you get the most out of your studio time”.

Andrew gives his trade secrets in this presentation and many techniques he has gathered over the last 13 years of being a professional artist.

 This is another must-have video for your studio collection!


In this video presentation we will cover:

Design process and composition

Surface preparation

Blocking-In using simple colour combos and shapes

Modeling, refining shapes and tones

Detailing – creating a 3D form


This video presentation will show you how to improve your:

Oil painting techniques for water, waves, sky and rocks

Brush techniques for white water and sea spray!

Dynamic depth, highlights and shadows

The crucial interaction between rocks and water

Creating an engaging light glow through waves


DVD version, 1 disc with chapter selection, 2 hrs.

High definition duel layer will work on all standard DVD players.

USD $39 + shipping   

Download version, 2GB, 2hrs duration.

USD $30